High Potential is dedicated to providing tools and resources from the cutting edge of psychological science to use in workplaces. Our core products test individual psychological differences to improve performance, predict potential and develop people.

Potential is not a guaranteed trajectory, but really is the probability of following a certain trajectory. Potential is a range of possible trajectories and more information about contributors to potential help to narrow down a specific, probable trajectory of career potential. More information leads to more accurate estimates -- MacRae & Furnham (2014) High Potential

High Potential Psychology Ltd., provides the tools, services and expertise to predict performance. We have scientifically researched and tested the the tools which are associated with performance and potential at work. {Need a bit more} The past decades have provided fantastic advances and discoveries in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and human behaviour. Although this research has been used in some academic and scientific fields, the potential benefits of the science have not made their way into business, management and leadership. We bridge the gap between the complexity, jargon and barriers between scientific fields and the practice in workplaces. Good research and practice can be used to improve performance and develop potential in the workplace. We are focused on providing the best products and we value:

  • Validity: we provide products, service and advice that are based on the highest standard of scientific research and expertise
  • Honesty: we are clear and fair in our representations and advice
  • Accessibility: we make the best available research open to those who need it; we are approachable and affable in all of our work
  • Results: Ultimately the results of our work are as important as the process. We strive to do good work, for good results.