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Feature Product: HPTI Leadership Capacity Report

Identifying and developing the right people The High Potential Traits Inventory (HPTI) is a six-factor measure of personality traits in the workplace. The Leadership Capacity Report compares individual scores with an Ideal Candidate Profile for Leadership.


The HPTI is that it has been designed, modified and validated focusing on behaviour, performance and potential at work. Psychometric testing with thousands of professionals across industries, sectors and responsibilities has led to the creation of the HPTI Leadership Capacity Report. It is designed to highlight strengths and capacity for leadership. The HPTI provides an accurate, scientifically validated measure of six traits that directly influence individual's work.


The report identifies key traits that help to understand how people think and act in business and at work. Strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for development along with leadership tips explain how to cultivate and develop high potential amongst leaders. 

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The HPTI Leadership Capacity Report provides a results dashboard which is a snapshot into the personality profile. It then provides detailed about each specific personality trait, how the traits are related to leadership capacity and competencies, along with tips for improving leadership potential.

Conscientiousness: characterized by self-discipline, organization and ability to moderate one's own impulses.


Adjustment: characterized by emotional resilience, even-temperedness and positive self-image.


Curiosity: characterized by seeking new information, methods and ideas for getting the job done.


Risk Approach: characterized by seeking new information, methods and ideas for getting the job done.


Ambiguity Acceptance: characterized by thriving in complex, challenging or ambiguous environments.


Competitiveness: characterized by an adaptive and constructive desire to improve performance.



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