Privacy Policy

The Short Version: 

We keep your data private and secure. We do not give third parties access to your personal information without your express permission, except where required by law. It's that simple.




Personal Information means information that could be used to identify you. Personal information includes your email address, name, phone number, or mailing address or other identifying information. When you register we collect personal information, and you may provide us with personal information when completing a test. We may use this information to contact you, to personalise your psychometric reports and to connect your results with your account.


The purpose of this website is for professional, psychological testing and to collect scientific data. We have the utmost respect for the privacy of your personal information. We won't share your contact information with marketers or spammers, we won't tell supermarkets about your personal preferences and we won't tell your dentist if you haven't been flossing regularly.


The things to remember:


1) If your testing is facilitated by a consultant or test administrator, that person will have access to any results reports. You will always know who this test administrator is because they will invite you to complete the test and assign you a testing license.

2) We comply with any legal or regulatory authorities as required.


The information we collect is used for two purposes:


  1. To generate your customised results reports based on the test you are completing.


  1. For academic and applied research studies. We use aggregate data for population averages and our own research and development. We will not share your personal information or individual responses. Aggregate data looks something like this:

The information we collect on this website is used for psychological profiles and is, by its very nature, personal and private. Your individual results will never be shared, sold, transferred or otherwise provided to third parties without your express consent. We are committed to protecting your privacy and the security of any information you provide throughout this site.


From time to time, this privacy policy may be updated. Any updates or changes will not affect our most basic commitment to you: your private information stays private.