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Frequently Asked Questions


Why High Potential Tests?

The High Potential tests are designed, tested, validated and optimised for use at work. From initial test item design to research studies and test populations, all elements reflect working professionals. We are experts in psychometrics, workplace psychology and human resources. High Potential test results can be customised based on ideal candidate profiles for occupations, companies and job roles.

How much research goes into these tests?

The tests take years to develop. Tests are developed using scientific research methods, advanced statistics with thousands of participants. Each test involves many stages of research and development including:

  • Review by experts, professionals and practitioners
  • Pilot testing and individual item analysis
  • Testing and validation with working professionals
  • Report development, and testing in the workplace
  • Extensive feedback from academic and applied fields 
  • Final validation and testing


Why do you need my email address?

All tests are sent to email addresses. To receive test results, you must have access to a valid email address.

Why can't I see my report in the browser?

For privacy and security reasons, we send test results directly to your email instead of showing reports and results in your browser. This allows us to make sure the storage of your information is much more secure.

I have registered, why haven't I received an email?

Check your spam filters/junk mailbox to make sure our emails are getting through. Sometimes automated mail will be filtered out of your primary mailbox by filters or security settings.

I've lost or cannot remember my password, what do I do?

Click on the "Login" button, then "Request New Password" sent to the email account you used to register.