More Information

The High Potential Test Lab is where psychometric instruments can be used, administered and completed. It is designed both for individual test takers to complete tests and access their results, and for test administrators to purchase testing license, and access testing tools and resources. The Test Lab will host a suite of tools for understanding individual differences at work.

Individual differences explain how and why people think, act and feel differently. People are the foundations of business, so understanding individual psychological differences are essential for good business decision-making. Testing and assessment allows us to explain and describe these differences in a clear and systematic way. 

The completion of each test automatically creates a report that will be sent to you by email. All tests are sent through email, instead of being displayed on the website, this is to protect the privacy and security of your results. The High Potential Traits Inventory is the first test to be available through the High Potential Test Lab. More tests and assessments will soon become available