For Consultants

We have developed High Potential tests which have been specifically designed for testing leadership, have been validated with thousands of working professionals. The scientific evidence clearly shows the importance of these six personality traits for High Potential. Exceptional leaders require a specific combination of traits irrespective of difference between companies or sectors. We have the evidence to describe and identify the characteristics of a High Potential career and what makes a great leader.

There are particular traits which predict success in any career or type of work, there are attributes of general and specific success and we have the research and evidence to identify and quantify the traits of a high potential leader. Every occupation requires particular knowledge and experience, we identify the key attributes of a High Flying leader in any occupation.

We provide excellent testing and assessment though an easy-to-use online testing platform. Purchase tests licenses and manage client, colleague and individual profiles all from one dashboard. You can manage and allocate tests, view client snapshot, access and send psychometric reports all from our system.