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Seven Important Facts About Personality Testing at Work

Publishers and management consultants pushed, peddled and praised the tests so they have become popular over the past few decades. Despite nearly 100 years of research into psychometric testing there are still missed opportunities, poorly administered tests, and many tests with little or no real evidence to support their use.

The popularity of testing ebbs and flows, and there are still many. There remained cynics, skeptics and traditionalists who never trusted them and rejoiced in their publicized failures.

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Not Everyone is Normal, but Most People are Average

With few exceptions, all human characteristics from bra to brain-size and height to hearing are normally distributed.  Everything, not just intelligence, is a bell curve.  And because we know a lot about the statistical properties of a bell-curve we “know” most of us are average on most things.  The trouble is when others tell us that this is so. 

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